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AquaCast Liner - By: Jorgensen


AquaCast Liner is a waterproof and breathable cast liner for horses and domestic animals. The liner can be exposed to water without concern. The liner is easy to apply and will help you keep your animal clean and healthy.

  • Breathable and Waterproof
  • Allows for Cleaning of the Cast and Limb
  • Low Odor
  • Less Friction
  • Minimal Layers Required
  • Available in rolls up to 6 inches wide
  • Works with all Fiberglass and Plaster of Paris Cast
Item# Size
350.81990.2 2'' X 5.5 Feet
350.81991.2 3'' X 5.5 Feet
350.81992.2 4'' X 5.5 Feet
350.81993.2 6'' X 5.5 Feet

Altren - By: Aurora Pharmaceutical

Altren by Aurora Pharmaceutical

New FDA-approved Altren (altrenogest).
Features & Benefits:

  • Altren® is manufactured in Minnesota in a GMP facility registered with FDA.
  • Use to schedule estrus in mares and breeding in mares to maximize breeding efficiency.
  • Available in 150 and1000 mL bottles along with a dispensing cap. Administer orally with dose syringe or by placing directly on feed.
  • 15-day treatment regimen allows performance horses to compete at their best.
  • Provides safe, effective suppression of estrus in mares — 95% effective after 3 days of treatment.
Item# Size
053.22895.3 150 ml
053.22900.3 1000 ml

Pastes - FOAL KICK START PASTE (DAY 1) - By: TullBucket


FullBucket Foal Kick Start is for the all-important first 24-Hours of life. Foal Kick Start Paste contains Egg Immunoglobulins. These are derived from hens vaccinated against: Salmonella, E. coli, Clostridium, Rotavirus, Coronavirus & Lawsonia.

Item# Size
126.00068.3 80cc Syringe

Pastes - FOAL PROBIOTIC PASTE (DAY 2 - 30) - By: TullBucket


FullBucket Foal Probiotic is an urgent care strength program for young foals during the delicate neonatal period. Foals are exposed to a vast number of disease causing microorganisms right from birth. We now understand that the intestinal tract is the most vulnerable site of infection for neonatal foals, even more so than the umbilicus. Given the right opportunity, these pathogens can cause severe disease such as diarrhea, joint ill and whole body sepsis. By using FullBucket Foal Probiotic, you can give your foals a better start from the start.

Item# Size
126.00066.3 32.5cc Syringe

Pastes - MEDICAL MUSCLE - By: TullBucket


If you’re dealing with a performance horse that show signs of tying up or muscle exhaustion, you’re going to want to take a hard look at Medical Muscle. We are receiving excellent feedback from racehorse trainers and performance horse owners. You will want to try Medical Muscle for 30 - 45 days. Medical Muscle is a unique formula that contains Astaxanthin, L-Carnatine and natural Vitamin E. Astaxanthin is a super antioxidant that is 6,000 times more powerful than Vitamin C!

Item# Size
126.00054.3 450 grams

Vetivex New Sizing - By: Dechra

Vetivex New Sizing

New sizing: 3000mL Vetivex Hartmann’s Solution, Veterinary 0.9% Sodium Chloride Injection, USP and Veterinary pHyLyte Injection pH 7.4 (Multiple Electrolytes Injection, Type 1, USP)

Item# Size Product
193.84511.3 3000 ml Vetivex Hartmann’s Solution
193.84519.3 3000 ml Vetivex Sodium Chloride 0.9%
193.84525.3 3000 ml Vetivex Phylyte Injection pH 7.4

Equine Blood Collection Bags - By: Jorgensen

Equine Blood Collection Bags

Blood component therapy is an expanding field. Plasma and concentrated RBCs can be separated, and specific therapeutic modalities can be implemented. The addition of transfer bags and dry collection bags make this an easy procedure.

Item# Size
350.11397.2 1500 ml
350.11399.2 3000 ml

IgGCheck Foal IgG Test - By: PortaCheck

IgGCheck Foal IgG Test

Up to 20% of newborn foals experience a partial or total failure of passive transfer of IgG. An IgG test will identify if a failure of passive transfer has occurred by measuring the levels of IgG in the blood. An adequate level of IgG is 800 mg/dL of IgG or greater. Levels less than 400 mg/dL indicate inadequate passive transfer.

Item# Size
559.00032.3 5 Tests

Myo Powder - By: Vetoquinol

Myo Powder

Myo Power is a supplement for horses designed to help support a healthy muscular state. It contains readily assimilated natural proteins originating from milk and pea protein in addition to the essential amino acid, L-Leucine. It is recommended for young and athletic horses where a healthy muscular state is important and for all horses to aid in the maintenance of muscle mass.

Item# Size
733.97021.3 2.3 Kg Pail with Scoop

Exam Gloves - Latex - By: mVet

Exam Gloves - Latex

Exam grade, PF latex, high level of touch sensitivity, wear for extended periods of time, very elastic and strong, biodegradable, latex gloves are a natural material, made out of rubber. High level of barrier protection.
*All exam gloves are powder free

Item# Size Ply
000.30040.2 XL 100 Gloves
000.30042.2 LG 100 Gloves
000.30044.2 MED 100 Gloves
000.30046.2 SM 100 Gloves

Exam Gloves - Vinyl - By: mVet

Exam Gloves - Vinyl

PF Vinyl, latex-free, looser fit, short term option, lightweight alternative, great for everyday use in many aspects, general care to be disposed of after each use.
*All exam gloves are powder free

Item# Size Ply
000.30050.2 XL 100 Gloves
000.30052.2 LG 100 Gloves
000.30054.2 MED 100 Gloves
000.30056.2 SM 100 Gloves

Exam Gloves - Nitrile - By: mVet

Exam Gloves - Nitrile

Exam grade, PF nitrile, latex-free, textured finger tips, strong, beaded cuff, snug and comfortable fit, high level of sensitivity, wear for extended periods of time, made out of synthetic rubber, and are a good alternative when latex allergies are of concern. High level of barrier protection. care to be disposed of after each use.
*All exam gloves are powder free

Item# Size Ply
000.30070.2 XL 100 Gloves
000.30072.2 LG 100 Gloves
000.30074.2 MED 100 Gloves
000.30076.2 SM 100 Gloves

Gauze Sponges - By: mVet

Gauze Sponges

Midwest Veterinary Supply has been the cornerstone of the veterinary industry for over 50 years. mVet ™ is our exclusive line of veterinary products, developed with your practice in mind. Our premium, 100% cotton, non-sterile Gauze Sponges are used for general cleaning, wound dressing, prepping, packing and debriding wounds. Sleeve of 200 sponges.

Item# Size Ply
000.30000.2 2” x 2” 8
000.30002.2 2” x 2” 12
000.30004.2 3” x 3” 12
000.30006.2 4” x 4” 8
000.30008.2 4” x 4” 12

Equishield AO Shampoo - By: Kinetic Vet

Equishield AO Shampoo

EquiShield Shampoo is specifically formulated to soothe dry skin. Cleans without removing natural skin oils and is gentle enough for everyday use.

  • Non-medicated shampoo
  • Safe for every day use
  • Aloe and Oatmeal help soothe dry skin
  • Cleans without removing natural skin oils
  • Omega Fatty Acids maintain healthy skin and coat
  • For topical use
  • Formulated for horses, dogs and cats

Item# Size
370.02436.3 32 oz

Equishield SA Powder - By: Kinetic Vet

Equishield SA Powder

Equishield SA, Skin and Allergy, is specifically formulated to address allergies in the horse. The addition of Ground Stabilized Flaxseed helps reduce immune response to common allergens. Other key ingredients help support healthy skin while maintaining skin hydration.

  • Anti-Inflammatory
  • Supports healthy immune function
  • Maintains hydration and health of skin
  • Anti-oxidant

Item# Size
370.02466.3 2 lb

Vetasan Spray / Ointment - By: Kinetic Vet

Vetasan Spray

Vetasan is a topical antiseptic for dermatological conditions responsive to Chlorhexidine.

  • Antiseptic ointment and spray
  • For topical use
  • Formulated for horses, dogs, and cats

Item# Size
370.80001.3 8 oz Spray
370.79990.3 4 oz Ointment
370.80000.3 1 lb Ointment

RTD Wound Dressing - By: Kineric Healthcare

RTD Wound Dressing

Proprietary, highly absorbent, antimicrobial foam with Methylene Blue, Gentian Violet and Silver Ion integrated into the polymer matrix. RTD is the universal quick-closing, moist, advanced oxygenation, capillary-suction-therapy and biofilm reducing dressing with bio-burden sequestration. Indicated for use with open sores, hot spots, wounds, lacerations, abrasions and is easy to use, ready to apply. RTD offers broad spectrum, antimicrobial protection against 99.9% of common wound pathogens, dressing is ¼ inch thick.

Item# Size
001.03023.2 8” x 16” (ea)
001.03022.2 8” x 16” (5 ct)
001.03021.2 4” x 15” (ea)
001.03020.2 4” x 5” (20 ct)

Test Cartridges - By: StableLab

Test Cartridges

5 StableLab Serum Amyloid A (SAA) tests in a resealable foil pouch. Each test is packaged individually with all the components required to carry out a test.

Also Available: 25 StableLab Serum Amyloid A (SAA) tests in a resealable foil pouch. Each test is packaged individually with all the components required to carry out a test.

Item# Size
632.00006.2 5 Tests
632.00005.2 25 Tests

Tri-Hist Granules - By: Neogen


Histamines are the body's natural response to allergens and are responsible for the symptoms seen, including itchiness and runny nose. Antihistamines alone do not relieve these symptoms, but block further histamines from binding. Decongestants help by relieving the symptoms already present, opening the airway and helping the horse breath. Tri-Hist is an Antihistamine/ Decongestant Powder that is indicated for use in horses when a histamine antagonizing preparation is required. Helps alleviate skin and respiratory allergies such as: congestion, hives (urticaria), runny nose, and itching.

Item# Size

Thermometers - By: mVet


Midwest Veterinary Supply has been the cornerstone of the veterinary industry for over 50 years. mVet ™ is our exclusive line of veterinary products, developed with your practice in mind. Our high accuracy thermometers are available in two options for the convenience of your practice.

Features & Benefits:

  • High accuracy and test response with easy to read digital displays
  • Peak-hold and auto shut off function
  • Low battery display
  • 10 second read
  • LCD display
  • Available in hard and flex tip

Item# Size
000.20000.2 White Hard Tip Digital Thermometer
000.20001.2 Flex Tip Thermometer

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