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- By Cheryl, Minnesota

I am grateful for the advancements in mammography that helped alert my doctors to early signs of cancer cells. Thanks to organizations like Susan G. Komen for their progressive support of research for breast cancer and carrying the important message to have annual mammograms.

Pam & Ramsey
- By Lauren, Minnesota

My mother's best friend, Pam, passed away from breast cancer in 2012. She was such a positive ray of sunshine in everyone's lives and beloved by my whole family. I heard a lot of stories about her and my mother and how they grew up just houses down from one another. They got into a lot of mischief, but one story that stood out to me was that she had this special cat named Ramsey. Poor Ramsey often got involved in their antics (dressed up in baby clothes, the works). She battled cancer for a long time before she passed away September 4th of that year, but that same month we picked up our puppy and decided to name him Ramsey, who really helped my mother with her grief those first few months. I hope for Susan G. Komen to impact the lives of more people like Pam so their legacy can last much longer.

My Grandma's Battle with Breast Cancer
- By Kyle, Minnesota

My grandmother was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2008. It was hard on the whole family, but her persistence, stubbornness, and sense-of-humor helped us all to deal with the sadness. No matter how bad things became, she faced it all with a cheerful and determined mindset all the way till the end, which was very inspirational. She showed me how important it is to keep your head up when facing hard times. With help from the Susan G. Komen Foundation, and with our determination, I hope that we can someday beat cancer altogether!

Fortunate Today
- By Bayleigh, Minnesota

Much of our health is about our genetics, family history and for all illnesses, early detection. I, so far, have been fortunate to not have a Breast cancer diagnosis in my family even though I have 7 sisters and numerous female cousins, and 1 brother, not immune to breast cancer diagnosis. I have suffered the pain of loss to other cancers in my family and know we are at high risk for colon cancer. My thoughts and prayers to those fighting the fight today, may a cure be your blessing.

"I Got This"
- By Rachel Olmos, Texas

My doctor called me in 2016 while I was driving to meet my husband for a football game. That was hardest thing; to wait for two hours to tell him. He took it so hard because I lost my mom in 2007 to pancreatic cancer and he saw everything she went through. But that was going to help me. I wasn't scared or upset. I just told myself "I got this". My butterfly (mom), support, and God were on my side. I was going to be okay. All the doctors were very surprised that I didn't get sick at all with chemo or radiation. Bless...

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