Local / Regional Events

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Date Title Venue State
Sep.18.2018 - Sep.22.2018 Stewart Center - Purdue Veterinary Conference Head IN
Sep.20.2018 - Sep.23.2018 Henry B González Convention Center Texas
Sep.20.2018 - Sep.23.2018 Holiday Inn by the Bay Maine
Sep.20.2018 - Sep.22.2018 Scheman Building Iowa
Sep.26.2018 - Sep.29.2018 Holiday Inn New York
Sep.28.2018 - Sep.30.2018 The Galt House Hotel Kentucky
Sep.30.2018 Sheraton Gateway CA
Oct.03.2018 - Oct.07.2018 Grand Sierra Resort and Casio NV
Oct.05.2018 - Oct.07.2018 Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine New York
Oct.08.2018 - Oct.11.2018 Atlantic City Convention Center NJ