Wendy S Myers - How to Prevent Client Complaints and Bad Reviews


Wendy S Myers - How to Prevent Client Complaints and Bad Reviews
Thu, 20. April 2017


Midwest Veterinary Supply


Communication Solutions for Veterinarians
Wendy S. Myers

WEBinars for your entire team
1 hour CE credit

How to Prevent Client Complaints and Bad Reviews

April 20th, 2017

12:00 PM and 3:00 PM ET

Communication Solutions for Veterinarians offers webinars that let you train your entire team for an affordable price. Join us for live 1-hour webinars on the third Thursday of each month at 12:00 PM and 3:00 PM Eastern time. If your team isn't available on a webinar date, buy the archived session and then set a training date that fits your schedule. Use promo code MIDWEST to save $10 off monthly $99 webinars or promo code MIDWESTANNUAL to save $120 off the annual practice membership.

Each webinar includes:

  • Live and recorded webinar
  • Handout
  • 1 hour CE credit
  • Test
  • CE certificate
  • Unlimited playback of recorded webinar

What you'll learn:

  • See complaints as opportunities for service improvements
  • Why you need to respond with the speed of a Greyhound
  • Identify the reviewer and investigate the situation
  • How to be professional and gracious in your response
  • Get templates that reduce errors, use brand tone of voice and let you personalize responses
  • Take conversations offline where you can listen and reason with complainers without the Internet audience
  • Treat jerks with genuine respect, even when reviews are ridiculous
  • How to politely fire problem clients
  • Use email surveys to get immediate feedback after visits so you can provide solutions before emotions escalate
  • Ways to encourage 5-star reviews

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