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Step by Step Ordering Guide

Before placing your initial order to JAT Rx, be sure to store the JAT Rx Electronic Order Form on your computer where you can easily retrieve it. You will need this form each and every time you place an order with JAT Rx.

To access this form Login to www.midwestvet.net, from the top menu go to
→ Practice Solutions
→ Home Delivery Solutions
→ JAT Rx
→ JAT Rx Order Form
The form will open in a new window, then you can save it to you computer for future use.

JATRx via Email JATRx via Fax

1. Open the electronic prescription order form.

2. If you already have an Auto Signature feature set it up on the form. Learn how to set up your Auto Signature with these step-by-step instructions..

3. Fill out the form completely and save with new name to you computer.

4.Attach the form to email and send to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

1. Open the electronic order form You can type in your order and print it out or print out a blank form to complete.

2. Fill out the form completely

3. FAX to: 877-490-3576.

A program of JAT Pharmacy, LLC