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Social Media: Quick Start to Facebook
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Social Media: Quick Start to Facebook and Instagram

Navigating through the ever-changing world of social media for small businesses can be overwhelming. At this point if you haven’t plunged into the world of social media you probably don’t know where to start. No problem, because I’m going to give you a quick review on my two favorite platforms to start with, including how to set up your page and where you can start out with content. If you’re not completely convinced that social media is the marketing trend of the future these statistics, through the fourth quarter of 2017, may help change your mind.

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Social Media Platforms

With almost half of the global population utilizing social media it’s the perfect way to connect with prospective and current clients. So, what’s preventing you from getting started? The two most common responses I get when I ask a practice why they haven’t started social media is 1. Time and 2. Content. Well I’m going to give you a little insight into how 10-20 minutes a week and a couple of resources from Midwest can help you get started on two platforms today.

Interested? Most of you are probably familiar with what Facebook and Instagram are but just for fun let’s review these two platforms and their basic uses.

Facebook is a platform that allows users to post information, make friends, follow pages, and send messages (among other tasks). When you set up Facebook for your practice, you can have your clients “like” your page and follow your page updates. Many types of content can be shared on Facebook.

Instagram is a rapidly growing platform that is mainly picture and video based content. If your clinic takes a lot of cool and amazing pictures or video clips during your day to day calls and want to share them with the world this is a great place to do that. This platform is more about the imagery and less about copy and content.

Every practice can easily contribute content to both platforms. Facebook offers a scheduler to easily book out your posts in advance and although Instagram’s platform does not directly have a scheduler there is a great app, that’s free, called Later that will take care of that for you.

Hopefully your interest is peaked but you might be asking yourself, how and where can you get content for your new page? Well I have you covered with that! Midwest Equine, a division of Midwest Veterinary Supply, offers fun and educational Facebook and Instagram posts. We post 2-3 times per week on both platforms with shareable content appropriate for your customers. We develop this content for the sole purpose of helping you educate and have a little fun with your clients through social media. Either share the content from the Midwest Equine pages or save the photo to your device or computer and you can post it immediately or schedule if for the future with your own comments added to the post. You can find Midwest Equine’s Facebook and Insagram under the name midwestveterinarysupplyequine.

Business vs. Personal

We’ve reviewed two easy platforms to start with, what their uses are, and where to get great content. So now let’s talk a little about a business page vs. a personal page. Although you may use your personal page to keep in contact with some of your clients, you should set up a “business page” to promote your equine practice.

If you’re not sure how to set up a business page on Facebook and Instagram we have easy step-by-step guides you can download from the Midwest Veterinary Supply website under the equine tab, in the Equine Learning Center, under the reference tools link. So now that you have the basics down, I’ll leave you with a couple tips to engage clients on your page.

Tips to engage clients on your page:

  • Like other pages relevant to your clinic
  • Follow clients
  • Interact with people you follow and like

Lastly, don’t forget to advertise your new social media pages to your clients so they start following you. If you have a web page, link your social media pages to your website using social media icons and live links, allowing your clients to navigate to your social media pages form your web page.

Get an early start in 2018 on your new social media practice marketing and watch for the Midwest Grazer Fall/Winter Magazine where we will step it up a notch with our next Marketing Tip on Building a Social Media Content Calendar for 2019.

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